Company in pictures

Growing in pictures

Young plants are planted in a pot with coir fibre.

The first buds come through after a few weeks.

A mature plant with buds and flowers.

Once in production, the crop continues to produce for 3 years without interruption.

Harvesting in pictures

The flowers are picked one by one.

The flowers are collected in the picking carts.

The carts of harvested flowers are automatically transported to the warehouse along the main track.

Packing in pictures

The germinis are hung in the bunching machine.

The germinis emerge from the machine in ready-made bundles.

4 germini bunches are placed in each bucket, and they are transported to the customer like this.

The gerberas in the Diamond packaging are prepared for auction in a different machine.

The racquets are transported to the packaging line by the buffer system.

Racquets just before the packaging line.

The flowers are cut to size and bunched.

The stock tracks with Diamond racquets.

An auction cart packed with Diamond racquets on their way to the customer.

Some of the gerberas are packed in conventional boxes.

The stems need to hang in water for 4 hours to drink their fill.

Conventional box packaging.

Then the flowers are transported to our customers.