About Gerja

At Gerja Helden BV, everything is focused on the quality of gerberas and germinis. With 35 employees, we’re hard at work each day to ensure that the gerberas and germinis we grow arrive with our customers looking just as lovely as they do when they’re in our greenhouse. We’ve been doing that since back in 1996, when Lei Janssen founded Gerja Helden. After years of working together with Lei, Eric Theunissen is now at the helm – and still working hard each day to find the best ways to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Flexible and reliable
We are genuinely interested in your wishes and needs. Why? Because we use them to tailor our services! One way we do this is by offering a range of our own packaging systems, which guarantee the excellent quality of our gerberas and germinis. We also pay careful attention to delivery times, promotions, and taking care of inventory management. You get a fabulous product, both how and when you want it!



Innovative in both range and production
Every year Gerja Helden invests in the most up-to-date production techniques. We take environmental issues very seriously, so we work as sustainably as possible. For example, wherever possible we use organic methods to prevent diseases and deter pests. Thanks to a light intensity of 100 micromol PAR and the application of knowledge from ‘the new cultivation’, we are able to supply top-quality gerberas and germinis all year round!

Even the gerberas and germinis themselves are constantly in development. During the crop rotation each year, we make changes to our range to suit current market demand. And needless to say, when selecting our range, quality is our primary consideration.